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Reward Point system

Hey Guys, Welcome to our reward point system, where you can earn a reward by different techniques. One good news is When someone complete reward point milestone then gets free coupons and gift cards. So please enjoy and keep rewarding.

Pointe for Registrations10
Points for logins5 point / Day
Points for daily visits1
Points for viewing content1
Points for comments5
Points for referrals1 visitor only
Points for referrals50 points 10/day Signup
Points for Viewing videos50 point per 15 minutes

Find below methodologies to get reward points.

  1. Pointe for Registrations: 10 point
  2. Points for logins: 5 points/Day
    reward returning users for logging in the website. A limit can be set to prevent abuse.
  3. Points for daily visits: 1 Point
    Users for visiting the website, only give points once a day.
  4. Points for viewing the content: 1 point
    Each point for each post and page.
  5. Points for comments: 5 points
    You can select to reward a comment getting approved, penalize comments marked as spam, etc. You can also select to reward the author of the content the comment is left on.
    Spam Comments: -5 points
    Trashed Comments: -1 Point
  6. Points for referrals:
    Referring Visitors: 1 /Day
    Referring Signups: 50 points 10/day
    Referral system that allows you to award or deduct points from users who refer visitors and/or signups. For this to work, each user on your website gains a unique referral ID. This ID is appended to a URL that points to your website.
  7. Points for Viewing videos: 50 point per 15 minutes

Redeem Reward points to Coupons or Gift Card

Note: Please do not spam. User will block permanently.